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Swiss startup uses WhatsApp to revolutionize the order-taking

Three FHNW students revolutionize the ordering process with WhatsApp. With McomTech's solution, companies can take orders via WhatsApp and say goodbye to phone calls and emails with mcom as their ordering platform. 

Interested in how they started?

What technologies or innovations do your products use?

The WhatsApp messaging app is the world's most widely used communication app. We take advantage of this widespread use by automating orders and simplifying the ordering process with a simple WhatsApp chatbot Additionally, WhatsApp provides more and more functionalities for businesses to leverage the communication channel, check out this blog post with the most recent ones.

What is the difference between your technology and the solutions on the market today?

Many solutions focus on communication via WhatsApp. At McomTech we focus on the ordering process, which is 80% the same, but still manually done in many industries. Unlike apps, WhatsApp is already installed on many devices and most people know how to use it. WhatsApp can also be used to inform customers that they still need to order. In addition, WhatsApp can be used to remind customers to place their orders on time, making the ordering process more efficient for both businesses and customers.

How do you contribute to social and environmental sustainability?

Automated order entry and the ability to order asynchronously make the work of office staff and order-takers easier. Automated order-reminders ensure that orders are picked up on time, reducing the need for extra trips during delivery.

What milestones have you reached and what have been the most significant achievements?

The most important success was the successful conclusion of the contract with Lafarge Holcim in Nigeria in 2022. Since then, Lafarge has benefited from the chatbot with 80% of orders coming through this channel. Recent wins include successful go-lives with customers in Switzerland and Spain.

Soon, what new projects or developments are you planning?

We are currently expanding in Europe with the goal of making phone calls and emails obsolete. We believe that in the future more and more orders will be placed via messaging apps like WhatsApp and we want to be a part of that.

Are you interested in working with us?


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