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🔔Exciting WhatsApp Announcements from Brazil! 🇧🇷

💫We are thrilled to share the latest updates from WhatsApp, announced during their global Conversations event on Thursday evening in São Paulo. Two new features have been introduced that will change how businesses connect and communicate with their customers!

1. WhatsApp API Groups

This new feature enables businesses to efficiently create and manage groups through the WhatsApp API, enhancing customer engagement, team support, and community interaction at scale.

Leveraging McomTech's advanced platform, you can automate your order-taking process, reducing phone calls and emails, while improving communication with your business customers. How? Read more in our > blog post . This integration empowers your business to grow by utilizing the power of WhatsApp for seamless order management and customer support. The Group API will allow you to create groups and allow multiple people from the same company order through WhatsApp and reduce ordering mistakes by your customer.

2. One-Tap Calling for Larger Businesses on WhatsApp

With this feature, businesses can now make voice and video calls directly through the WhatsApp Business Platform. This facilitates more direct and personal communication with customers, enhancing support and strengthening customer relationships.

Before it was not possible to use the WhatsApp Business Platform and allow your customers to call you at the same time, this new update is changing that. Utilizing McomTech's platform, you can seamlessly integrate voice and video calls into your communication strategy, offering a more dynamic and responsive customer experience.

Interested about our services, visit our "Features" page

3. Meta Verified

The rollout of Meta Verified on the WhatsApp Business App allows your customers to see that a business is Meta verified. This will increase trust and businesses are benefiting from enhanced impersonation protection.

4. Meta AI

At McomTech, we believe that AI tools can significantly enhance business operations by providing timely assistance and helping customers discover new products and services. WhatsApp is introducing innovative solutions that enable small businesses to utilize AI for addressing the most frequently asked questions, ensuring you receive the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Once the business grows and wants to scale, the WhatsApp Business Platform has to be used to build a more scalable communication channel. If your business goal is to grow, McomTech can help you by being your tech provider to automate your order-taking through WhatsApp and AI.

Interested in using power of WhatsApp to grow your business?


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