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Automate Order Taking through Whatsapp

Take orders from your customers and easily manage them with your Team in our Order Management System.


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  • What is McomTech?
    McomTech is a software-as-a-service provider from Switzerland that helps companies automate order-taking through WhatsApp and manage the full life-cycle of these orders as part of their order management system.
  • Is McomTech nFADP compliant?
    With its headquarters in Switzerland, McomTech itself is directly affected by the nFADP and the solution provided is fully revFADP compliant.
  • Is McomTech GDPR compliant?
    With customers in the European Union, McomTech is very conscious about data protection and data privacy. The solution provided is therefore fully GDPR compliant.
  • What advantages does McomTech offer over the WhatsApp Business App?
    The WhatsApp Business App is amazing for small businesses that are just getting started leveraging the power of the messaging app. As they grow they want to build their processes on scalable solutions and that is where McomTech comes into play.
  • Is it possible to set up a free call to explore the power of WhatsApp Business?
    Yes, you can set up a free consultation by contacting us directly through the contact form.
  • For whom is McomTech suitable?
    McomTech is suitable for all companies that want to grow their business and leverage the power of messaging apps to communicate with their business customers and automate the order-taking process.
  • Can I use my landline number as my WhatsApp Business number?
    Yes, you can use your landline number as your WhatsApp Business number utilizing McomTech’s solution.
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